How nootropic improves your productivity?

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How Alpha BRAIN® Works?
What exactly is in Alpha BRAIN® that’s able to trigger ‘flow states’ of peak focus?
Most nootropics take the ‘salad bowl’ approach, where ingredients are thrown together in the hope that one or two will have an effect. Whereas in Alpha BRAIN®, all the ingredients have been hand-picked to support a specific purpose. They’ve then been combined to create three proprietary blends:


Amino acids and vitamins that help support working memory, a stress response, and healthy well-being.



Herb extracts designed to support healthy levels of the messenger chemical acetylcholine for creative thinking and sustained concentration.



Compounds shown to support a healthy flow of nutrients and oxygen to keep the brain firing on all cylinders.

All three blends are combined into every Alpha BRAIN® pill. So it could be described as being like three nootropics in one. 
What also makes Alpha BRAIN® exceptional is that it contains zero CAFFIENE. In fact, Alpha BRAIN®’s formula is so clean it’s been tested and certified by the BSCG Certified Drug Free® program.

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Angel Del Villar

8 hours ago

No BS Review

Have been taking these tablets for two weeks now and they actually do seem to work at keeping me going don’t feel tired do feel more focused and able to stay on task

Length of ownership Less than a month

Recommends this product ✔ Yes



7 hours ago


Love it, always get more done feel so much mentally clearer, so happy I invested in the big pack to start with!

Length of ownership Less than 1 month

Recommends this product ✔ Yes



3 days ago


It seemed like it made an instant impact. Ultimate clarity, and control. One question, does this supplement show up on a new employment drug screen? I've seen both YESs and NO while searching the web. Please advise. Thank you.

Length of ownership Less than 2 month

Recommends this product ✔ Yes



2 days ago


I honestly did feel more energetic and productive. However, I see the price is increasing due to its popularity which can make it hard to want to purchase again.

Length of ownership Less than 3 month

Recommends this product ✔ Yes

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