Casinos Are At Risk Of Disruption Because of This New Slot Machine App

Using the free coins from the popular GSN Casino app, 32 year old Simona Moron wins the progressive jackpot*.

Posted on January 15, 2021

Karolina Peterson

BetterSlots Staff

*Not a real money gambling app
Smartphone Slots Go Viral – Legally, and For Free!

Casinos are trying to shut down a free iPhone App that’s allowing everyday people,like Simona Moron, to win huge progressive jackpots* using nothing but free coins.

“I still can't believe it. I think I'm dreaming! I thought that it was a glitch. But after closing and opening the  GSN Casino app again it was still there”

GSN is an iPhone social casino app where you can play the best social casino slots app and win big jackpots* – for free! In fact, they give you 100,000 Free Coins for simply downloading their app.

The cool part is, this is 100% legal. It’s 2021 – sports betting just became legal, and Social casino style slot games like GSN are legal as well.

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