1 Crazy Way Homeowners Are Saving Money by Ditching Their Insurance Companies

Clock's Ticking — Important Notice to All Homeowners

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Chances are you’re overpaying your home insurance. Most Americans were before this new program.

Everquote has completely changed the insurance industry. Homeowners are reporting up to 75% savings after signing up for the Home-Insure program.

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A Relief For Homeowners

If you live in a qualified zip code, you are eligible for an additional major discount as well. But the Home insurance companies aren’t telling you this because they can make millions in extra income by preventing their customers from signing up through the Home-Insure program.

Our own Zion Taber went online in search of the best home insurance quotes the internet has to offer. He entered his zip code on the Everquote website and was overwhelmed with the difference between what he was paying today and how much less he would pay by going through Home-Insure. The whole process only took 3 minutes.

“I wanted to share my story (and savings!) because this is too valuable not to. The Everquote program cut $1,110 a year off my premium AND gave me more coverage! The process could not have been easier and I had my quote in less than ten minutes. Thank you for this amazing service and I hope this helps inspire some others to see how much they could save!” Zion exclaimed. See What You Qualify For >>

Zion decreased his home insurance premium by more than half through Everquote. Tap your age below to see how much you can save through Home-Insure.

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