Brilliant Medicare Extra Help Program Could Get You Up To $5,100/Year* In Subsidies


An exciting new Medicare 'Extra Help' program is now available, and many Americans are recieving up to $5,100 in extra subsidies!*

Here’s the deal: The new “Extra Help Program” has been approved and it’s offering up to $5,100 to help cover the cost of your Medicare advantage or prescription drug premiums.

This has come as a welcomed relief for those on Medicare, especially with health costs increasing. It’s no wonder American citizens are taking advantage of this benefit.

It’s easy to check if you qualify for the Medicare “Extra Help” program and completely free, with no hidden fees.
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With up to $5,100 to help pay for your premiums, it’s no surprise those on Medicare are rushing to enroll in this subsidy program.

Other additional benefits could include Free Meal Deliveries, Free Rides to Doctor Appointments, Drugstore Allowances, In-Store Coupons, plus much more!

There is no cost to checking your eligibility, and this popular free online service makes it easy to find out if you qualify for the 'Extra Help' program.

Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Check Your Eligibility

Step 1: Select your age below, or click the “Check My Eligibility” button

Step 2: Complete a few quick questions and see options available to you (Or call to speak to a Licensed Agent instantly)

Step 3: Enjoy your savings and make the most of your new benefit!

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